We're pleased to offer the following services at Family Veterinary Center:

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

We are equipped with medical diagnostic and laboratory services in order to provide a thorough diagnostic workup and treatment for your pet's complete medical needs.

Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory facilities are available for blood chemistries, urinalysis, fecal parasite, heart worm testing, skin disease testing and more.  Additionally, we utilize a referral veterinary laboratory service to provide specialized diagnostic tests and consultation with specialists, such as Veterinary Cardiologist, Pathologist, Internal Medicine Specialists, and Oncologists.

Nutritional Counseling

Your pet's nutritional needs will change throughout his or her lifetime. New puppies and kittens have a lot of adjusting to do when coming into a new home. Growing pets, active adult animals, overweight animals, and seniors each have specific nutritional requirements. With so many food choices in the market, we can help you to choose the diets that are appropriate for your pet. We also carry a large selection of Hill's Prescription Diets for specific medical problems.

Wellness Exams

A wellness exam is a complete and thorough physical examination. Wellness exams are provided with vaccines and annual visits, or more frequently for older animals or those with medical issues. It gives us the opportunity to identify medical problems early that may affect your pets health and quality of life. During a wellness exam, we may recommend blood work or other diagnostic test that may benefit your pet. We will also address your pet's behavior, appetite, exercise habits, and to address questions and concerns that you may have.


Vaccinations are an important part of your pets preventive care and wellness and can protect your pet against deadly infectious diseases. We do however, recognize that not all pets share the same lifestyles, risks and exposures. Core vaccines are those that are considered to be essential to protect a population of animals from a known risk of infectious diseases. These vaccines are recommended for all healthy cats and dogs. Other vaccine may be recommended based on a variety of factors such as travel, boarding or other exposures that may put your pets at risk. We will discuss your pet's specific needs and help you to decide which vaccines your pet should have.


We are pleased to provide a variety of surgical procedures including routine Spays, Neuters, Mass Removals, Bladder Surgery, Hematoma Repairs, and Dental Cleanings!

Dental Care

We will counsel you on caring for your pet's teeth from a young age and throughout their lives. We offer dental cleanings and can provide a variety of products for continued dental care at home.

Digital Radiology

Our state of the art digital X-ray system allows for faster and more enhanced images while using a lower and safer exposure of radiation to your pet. X-ray images can be quickly referred for consultation to a Board Certified Radiologist from our facility.


We have the capability to provide diagnostic ultrasound for a variety of medical conditions or to confirm pregnancy.

Parasite Prevention and Control

There are many parasites that can affect your pets. Some of parasites may pose a serious health risk for people. We recommend yearly heart worm and fecal parasite testing. We provide many options for effective year-round monthly heart worm prevention. We are happy to discuss which flea and tick control options may be best for your pets.

Hospice and Euthanasia Services

Saying goodbye to your pet is a very difficult and painful process. Deciding to end a pet's suffering and making the decision to help them to transition peacefully from this life can be even more difficult. Euthanasia is a medical procedure that needs to be discussed and considered thoroughly before a decision is made. Our caring and compassionate Doctors and Staff can help you through this painful experience.

Emergency Services

We understand that medical emergencies for a beloved pet can, and often do, happen outside of normal business hours. Though we are not an emergency facility, we will make every effort to make sure you have access to the best emergency care possible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and our team will make every effort to address your urgent care needs.

For emergencies that occur outside of our regular hospital hours, we refer our clients to the following 24 hour care emergency facilities:

The COVE: (757) 935-9111

6550 Hampton Roads Pkwy

Suffolk, VA 23435

Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital: (757) 427-3214

2476 Nimmo Pkwy #101

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Online veterinary services!!


Boarding and Grooming

We do not offer boarding or grooming at this time. 


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